Hello! Welcome, 
I'm Rozemarijn Kon. 
A Dutch farm-girl turned animation student at the Willem de Kooning Academy,
now graduated! But still keeping nature close to her heart.
 Working together with a team to help bring an animation alive is incredibly fun and engaging! I enjoy creating, illustrating and animating in 2D and 3D both, but what truly sets my heart alight is visualizing stories through drawing storyboards
My general work has a very rough and gritty feel, while at the same time tending to be quirky and charming. I love to storyboard scenes in my own interesting visual way, often getting up close and personal with characters to make the audience REALLY feel their emotions, but at the same time creating scenes benefitting the established style.
Want to work together with me? Awesome! Contact using any preferred method. :)
Samenwerken? Gaaf! Stuur me een bericht, of geef een belletje!
Tel: +31 (6)16410534