A group project together with Spatial Design students at my academy. I paired up with Frances van Beelen. We had to make an Installation combining motion and space. Horror Themed.
"You fall down, it gets darker, you’re afraid, it gets chaotic, you can’t control it. 
And then you hit rock bottom, it’s dark, it’s dreary, it’s uncanny.
Now you have to get back up, it’s a hard road, you got to climb up, you need to find the light, 
you need to do it all by yourself. 
This is how it feels to meet a low point in life, or as they say in Dutch “in de put zitten”. 
We want to show you that sometimes you have to fall down in order to advance."

In the video below you can view the aftermovie I made, which includes footage filmed on the installation, so you can experience what the installation was like.
This concept image is one of the sole reasons this work was created. The lines spread, weave and form connections.